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2019 Group Tours
Samaria Day Trip - October 2019
Tuesday, October 15th, 2019
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Feast of Tabernacles Tour hosted by Dr. Jim & Rev. Rosemary Schindler Garlow
14 Days from San Diego departing October 14; or 13 days from LA or NJ from Tuesday, October 15 to 27, 2019
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Samaria Day Trip - September 2019
Tuesday, September 10th, 2019
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Heartland to Promised Land Israel Tour hosted by Dwight and Anita Widaman
Tour Dates: September 14 - 24, 2019
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Samaria Day Trip - August 2019
Tuesday- August, 20th 2019
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Samaria Day Trip - July 2019
Sunday - July, 16th 2019
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The Nations' Gala dinner
Monday, August 12th
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The Nations’ 9th of Av Conference and Tour
Tour dates: August 9 -16, 2019
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2020 Group Tours
Beit Tehila 'Feast of Shavuot' May 2020 Tour
Hosted by: Pastor Tikva Kolbo and Pastor Nick Plummer
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Heartland to Heartland Friendship & Heritage Tour
Sunday, May 16th - Wednesday, May 27th
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Israel Uncharted 2020
Friday, May 8th to Sunday, May 17th
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SkyWatchTV Israel Tour 2020
12 - 25 October 2020
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Laura and Darin Hansen - April 2020 Tour
Thursday, April 9th - Sunday, April 19th
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Welcome to Israel
Welcome to Israel

Israel is an amazing destination with so much to offer. It is a land full of ancient history and modern innovation - an extemely exciting and special place to visit and learn about. 

Our company was established specifically to bring tours to Israel that are affordable, innovative, unconventional and caring.

A combination of believing in what we do and efficient management will keep your tour prices low.

Our tours combine the ultimate pilgrimage experience with visits to other important sites in Israel, particularly those that are often missed out; Hebron, Shilo and Mt. Gerizim are examples of very important biblical sites that we visit regularly in our tours.

We understand that our clients are not regular tourists. They are believers who love Israel and the Jewish people. In our itineraries, you will have a chance to show your love and appreciation

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Our Tour Categories
Christian Tours

See and feel the places where Jesus preached and performed miracles.

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Jewish Tours

Visit flourishing modern Israel and see the biblical and historical sites in the land.

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"Off The Beaten Path" Tours

Experience Israel in a way you have never done before.

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Agricultural Tours

Learn about the latest news in farming, cattle, crops, pest control, irrigation and much more.

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Tour Extension Packages

Choose one of our tour extension packages and spend even longer in Israel & the area

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