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Watch Lipkin Tours's special DVD's about the biblical heartland of Israel

Please note DVDs can take up to three or four weeks to arrive in the US.

The Footsteps of God - DVD

Join Israeli host Aaron Lipkin and his friend, Zac Waller, on an amazing adventure to see where the earliest Israelites first set their feet in the Land!
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The Forgotten Feast - DVD

Join Israeli host, Aaron Lipkin, and his friend, Zac Waller, for another amazing teaching about the important site of Ancient Shiloh in Samaria - home of the Tabernacle for nearly 400 years!
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The Gate of Heaven -- DVD

Join Israeli host, Aaron Lipkin and his friend, Joshua Waller, on a fascinating personal tour at the rarely-seen mountain site of Jacob’s Dream of the Ladder, in the heart of Biblical Israel!
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Hidden Israel package- DVDs

Purchase the complete Hidden Israel package: "The Gate of Heaven", "The Footsteps of God", "The Forgotten Feast", and "The Divine Choice".
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A Nation Born - Book

In 1981, Professor of archeology, Adam Zertal discovered a pile of field stones from the Israelite period. After digging for 3 consecutive years, this young and secular scientist discovered one of the most ancient and biggest Israelite altars found
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Sisera's Secret - Book

Who was Sisera? What is the real story behind the Song of Deborah? Who was the "Lost Tribe"?
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The Divine Choice - DVD

Join Aaron Lipkin and Zac Waller as they explore the biblical back story of how the Israelites came to Canaan and how God eventually led them up to the mountains of Ebal and Gerizim to renew His Covenant with them.
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Adam Zertal Books - A Nation Born and Sisra’s Secret

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