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The Gate of Heaven -- Digital Download

Join Israeli host, Aaron Lipkin and his friend, Joshua Waller, on a fascinating personal tour at the rarely-seen mountain site of Jacob’s Dream of the Ladder, in the heart of Biblical Israel!

On a scenic mountaintop in the heartland of Israel, in the Biblical territory of the Tribe of Benjamin, lies a mysterious site with evidence of centuries of pilgrimage, habitation and deep reverence. A thousand year old oak tree stands beside the ruins of an ancient church and mosque, with Jewish burial caves from the Second Temple period. Explore a subterranean olive press and winery dating from 2,500 years ago. On the crest of this hill, see for yourself remains of an ancient platform, the exact size of the Tabernacle of Moses and Joshua. So, why are they all here? Why, throughout the ages, have people come exactly here? What is the significance of this mountain? Join Israeli host, Aaron Lipkin, along with his guest, Joshua Waller, for a personal tour exploring and explaining the Biblical history of the ancient site of Beth-El. Most tours visiting Israel never come to Beth El at all. We invite you to touch the history of the Holy Land with us, as you feel the Scriptures come alive! The Gate of Heaven is an experience you will never forget!

FREE BONUS MUSIC VIDEO — The Gate of Heaven DVD also contains a wonderful musical tribute entitled “I Believe” performed by Joshua Waller and friends that will encourage you in your own belief and support for the Covenant promise that the people of Israel would return back to their historic Biblical homeland.

Price: $5.00 

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