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The Footsteps of God -- Digital Download

Join Israeli host Aaron Lipkin and his friend, Zac Waller, on an amazing adventure to see where the earliest Israelites first set their feet in the Land!

Every ancient civilization has its remarkable landmarks. Egypt has the pyramids, Greece has the Acropolis, and Rome has the Colosseum. But what about the ancient Hebrews?


When it came to observing the Feasts and worshiping the God of Israel, we all know about the Jerusalem Temples and Shiloh, but what about those years before the Temples? What evidence exists from the early days of Joshua and the Conquest?


Join Aaron Lipkin and his guest, Zac Waller, as they uncover the secrets of six footprint formations—all dating from the early Israelite period and all found in central Israel. What were they used for? Why are they all located in the Jordan Valley and eastern foothills of Samaria? Why did the ancient Hebrews go to so much trouble to build these round monuments in the shape of a footprint?


Using a drone, you will see amazing video of the Footsteps of God and watch as Aaron and Zac move a few steps closer to understanding the actual Gilgal sites from ancient Israel.

Price: $5.00 

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