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Hidden Israel package --- Digital Download

Purchase the complete Hidden Israel package: "The Gate of Heaven", "The Footsteps of God", "The Forgotten Feast", and "The Divine Choice".

Enjoy the full teaching of Lipkin Tours at Bethel, Gilgal, Shiloh and Mt. Ebal .
Experience Israel from the comfort of your home or bible study group.

Included in this package the 4 videos of the "Hidden Israel" series:

Bethel - The Gate of Heaven: Learn about the connection of Jacob's "Dream of The Ladder" to the importance of Bethel as a major holy site " The House of God and a Gate of Heaven".

Gilgal - The Footsteps of God: Who built huge mysterious enclosures in the Jordan Valley and Samaria? Why are they built in a shape of a foot? What is their connection to the Israelites and the Bible? 

Shiloh - The Forgotten Feast: In the Book of Judges, the girls from Shiloh dance in the vineyards during the "Feast of The Lord". Visit Shiloh with Aaron Lipkn and Zac Waller and learn about this mysterious Holyday and the connection between Shiloh and Messiah.


Joshua's Altar - The Divine Choice: Learn about the discovery of Joshua's Altar on Mt. Ebal. Hear how a Professor of Archaeology that did not believe Joshua existed suddenly realizes that the Bible IS telling the truth.

Price: $15.00 

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