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Feast of Sukkot Samaria Day Tour to Joshua's Altar

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Join us as we embark on a one day tour of Israel's Biblical Heartland.


08:00 Pick up from Jerusalem

Meet at the "Park & Go" Pisgat Ze'ev | Waze | Google Maps

More information below

09:00 Joshua's Altar

Site of the Ceremony of "Blessings And The Curses" (Deuteronomy 27, Joshua 8)

12:30 Lunch at Shavey Shomron

Passengers will be able to eat their packed lunch at traditional Sukka

13:30 Mt. Gerizim and Samaritan neighborhood

We will visit Joseph's lookout point at the ancient city of Schecem and Joseph's Tomb

15:30 Elon Moreh - Mt. Kabeer Lookout

One of the most beautiful lookout points in Israel where one can see the ancient "Way Of The Sun" (Genesis 12, Deuteronomy 11)

17:30 Ofra - Tour the first community in Samaria after the Six Day War

Biblical lookout from Amona and coffee and cake at the Lipkin Sukka

20:00 Drop off in Jerusalem

Price: $80.00 

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