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Judea And Samaria

Begin the tour in Judea, the part of the region South of Jerusalem. We will depart from Jerusalem and drive straight to Tomb of the Patriachs (Machpela Cave) where our forefathers and mothers are buried. From there we will travel to Ancient Hebron (Tel Rumeyda) to learn about the Ancient Hebron. This will be followed by lunch, on the client's account.  We will travel to Kfar Etzion - the first of the modern settlement movementand after 1967, and  enjoy an interactive multimedia show there. We will end the day at Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem, a chance for prayer and reflection by the burial site of one of our foremothers.

Day two will be focussed on Samaria, the nothernmost part of the region. We will begin the day on Mt Gerizim, visiting the archeological site and standing in the highest peak in the West Bank, and the place where the Curses and Blessings were delivered. We will then stop for a lunch break (on the client's account). We will continue with our trip on Mount Gerizim to the Samaritan museum to learn about all that they do. We will finish the day at the Mount Kabir lookout, where we wil be able to see Nahal tirza and learn more about the Jew's entry into Israel in Biblical times.

We will spend the last day of the tour in the region of Benjamin, the region just South of Jerusalem. We will begin the day at the graves of the sons of Israel (Kubur Bini Israel). From there we will travel to Mikmas pass - a location mentioned in the book of Samuel where the Philistines camped. We will travel to the village of Beit El and visit the site of Jacob's Dream of The Ladder, followed by lunch. We will be ending of our tour with a visit to Ancient Shilo, home to the Tabernacle for 369 years. 


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