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Meet our guides

Yishay Avital 
Yishay, AKA The Story Teller, has been guiding English speaking tourists in Israel for the last 20 years. He uses a compelling storytelling method to convey a dramatic and accurate sense of both ancient and modern Israel, as well as the Jewish connection to the land of Israel.

Geology, geography, archeology, Bible study, zoology, military history, botany and other topics are interspersed or highlighted throughout the tour, depending on the particular interest of the group members.


Katriel (Kuti) Ben David 
Katriel, AKA Kuti, was born in Jerusalem in 1968.   
He spent his childhood in the holy city of Jerusalem, where he experienced the special atmosphere of the different cultures in the city.The curiosity to know what lies behind the next hill, the story behind each and every place encouraged Kuti to tour, hike, learn and explore the land of Israel.

He holds a Bachelors in Studies of the Land of Israel from Bar Ilan University and a Masters degree from the University of Haifa in Israel Land Studies and Tourism.

After working in a management position for 10 years Kuti decided to make his hobby as a tour guide his full time work. This way he feels he can fully express his love for the land of Israel and its heritage. He then qualified as a tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism.

Today, with his wife Tzofia and thier six children, they try to not miss any opportunity to tour this amazing country, passing the love for this country and land to the next generation.


Maayan Usva Cohen

Maayan was born and raised in Finland, but has also lived in Denmark and Sweden. After making Aliyah to Israel, she lives now with her husband and four children in a small village in Samaria.
Maayan loves the Bible and her wish is to help others explore the beautiful land where the Biblical stories took place!  From an early age, she was fascinated with archaeology and history. Maayan enjoys visiting ancient sites where every stone tells a story. 
In her free time, Maayan likes to knit, listen to Blues music and hike on the mountains with her Canaanite dog.
Maayan holds a master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Helsinki, and is well acquainted with the complex political and military issues of the region.  Maayan is a licensed tour guide and can guide in English, Finnish, Swedish and Hebrew. 


Tom Brimmer 
Tom was born in a small town in Upstate New York.  He is a graduate of Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri and ordained with the Southern, Missouri district of the Assemblies of God. 

Tom has had more careers than most.  They include a wide variety of locations as well as the skills and abilities required.  Some of those careers include: truck driver,  builder, journalist, writer and singer. In the US he also worked as a youth pastor and a minister of music continues in this feild in Israel where he still in one of the worship team at King of Kings assembly.

Tom has been an Israeli tour guide since 1998 and he claims that this is probably going to be his final career.  
Tom completed a course to become an Israeli tour guide.  He took the course in Hebrew and is licensed in both Hebrew and English.  Tom presents Israel from the duel viewpoints of the context of the Bible and the modern reality of a western democracy in the midst of traditional, Islamic societies.


Miki Bar Neder 

Miki studied Psychology, Archeology and International Relations at the Hebrew University whilst founding a field school in the Jordan Valley. Soon afterwards he became part of a group that established the first community in Samaria.There he and his family has been living for the past 35 years.

As a tour guide, Mickey guides all over Israel and has specialized training in guiding the physically and mentally challenged as well. He particularly enjoys guiding Christian supporters of Israel to the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

As a licensed therapist in guided imagery, he incorporates this technique into his guiding in order to enhance the experience of touring the Holy Land of Israel.


Hanoch Young

Having completed the arduous requirements of Israel's Ministry of Tourism,

he is a licensed Tour Guide, sharing the Israel that he loves so much with all who come to experience the life changing effects of actually being in Israel. Hanoch doesn't believe that people simply 'decide' to come to Israel, but rather, they are pulled to come; in effect, they are 'called' to come to Israel. His presentations and guiding enables you to 'live' the experience of being in Israel and absorbing all of its history and meaning. An Orthodox Jew, Hanoch actually specializes in guiding both Christian and other Non-Jewish Zionist groups throughout Israel. 

Currently, he travels overseas several times per year to lecture to groups about Israel, Biblical prophecies and how to bless the Chosen Land. Are you one of those people who are inspired by the Prophets? Do you feel drawn to Israel? Feel a sense of kinship with the Jewish people? Did you ever feel that maybe YOU are supposed to be one of the 'Watchmen on the Walls?" And, have you ever wondered, WHY? Come hear Hanoch Young, direct from Israel share his unique perspective of events as they relate to the realities of the world, as well as the Bible and its prophecies. Find out why he yearned to live in the 'Chosen Land' as he always calls Israel. 

Hanoch's exciting, dynamic style, combined with his background, openness and caring make him a unique messenger from Israel. Coming from Modi'in - the ancient home of the Maccabees, Hanoch is bringing his call for a Revolution for the Restoration to your town. Make sure to hear him speak; it's time to begin making history instead of just reading about it! , Hanoch was involved with many Jewish activist causes while living in the US. Since fulfilling his dream to move to Israel, he has expanded his work to focus upon Building Bridges among all lovers of Israel, worldwide.  

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