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Pastor Jonathan Cahn - Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey.

I wanted to say THANK YOU!  
To see the sites was amazing
Your sharing was fascinating
The drone experience was a total surprise.
And as wonderful as the sites were, the company was just as wonderful.
For the first time I entered the land of Samaria, I was blessed to have you be the one to lead me there.
You have a beautiful heart for the Lord.  
Thank you for what you did to make it so meaning, special, and unforgettable
Thank you 



תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪rosemary schindler‬‏Pastor Rosemary Schindler Garlow, Skyline Church, La Mesa, CA

highly recommend Lipkin Tours for  group travel to Israel! It is such a privilege to work with Bible believers and work together as Christians and Jews.
Since 1997 I have hosted over one hundred tour groups to the Holy Land. Lipkin Tours is the best agency and serve us as hosts and our passengers with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. They also arrange our passenger group flights from the USA and other countries. Several other tour leaders I have recommended are grateful that Lipkin Tours arranges their groups.
My husband, Pastor Jim Garlow, and I have worked exclusively with Lipkin Tours since 2014 and are very happy with their service and expertise in booking and personalizing our groups in Israel. We bring at least two tours a year. 
It is important to us that Lipkin Tours is the most biblical travel agency, devoted to God and sharing Israel’s wonders with the world. They are situated in Ofra, on the Road of the Patriarchs in Samaria, Israel’s covenant heartland. As a Jewish family and travel agency, they support the State of Israel and the Jewish people by organizing spiritual and educational tours to the Holy Land.
Aaron Lipkin is an archaeological expert and pioneering prophetic sites, which prove and confirm scripture. He is a forerunner to such places as the “Footprints”, Joshua’s Altar, the Bethel, Shiloh, Mount Gerizim (Mount of Blessing) and more. Our passengers are always impressed and excited that they are experiencing prophecy and among the first to these precious sites. They are freshly being excavated and without commercial tourism and distractions – just the original locations where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob met with God.    
Eti Lipkin, Aaron’s wife, and their team are wonderful to work with. They are professional and very accommodating to all aspects of our itinerary and the needs of each passenger. We are very impressed and hope that you can share in our wonderful discovery of Lipkin Tours, an authentic Judeo-Christian travel agency.

Dr. Randall Price, Distinguished Research Professor of Biblical and Judaic Studies, John Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA."

"Thank you for the excellent tour to Mt. Ebal and Shiloh! it was a dream come true for me and a great highlight of my Hebrew University archaeology student's field trips in the Land." -


Pastor Curtis Taylor - Bethlehem Ministries

We are home now still trying to adjust but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing us an awesome tour with greater revelation and spiritual expectations.
We certainly had a connection of the heart with you. And we were so very pleased that we chose to use Lipkin tours. It was an honor and we were blessed to have met you and heard your excited descriptions of the footprint. 

You and your company went over all expectations we had and we are so very pleased that we decided to choose you.
As you know this was our 8th tour and we always used other  companies but this time we are so very pleased to use yours!!
You have truly blessed us.


Ms. E Baker

"It was great being in the Land. that was one of my heart's desires to go there and I was not disappointed. We are looking forward to going back, My heart was touch at all the places we visited, the bible came alive to me. I will never read it the same way again.
"Thank you so much for all of your caring , your efforts and hospitality. We will continue to pray that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob will richly bless your family and Lipkin Tours."

Mr. Bannister

"My wife Julie and I have been on many tours. Every tour we have ever been on are the cheesy catered to "tourists" type tours that want to "show" you the sites.
The Lipkin tour was much different! It catered to the intellect. It catered to the awe of the land. You were NOT seeing tourist sites by a tourist company, you were being taught about history from a historical perspective. They "SHARED" Israel with you instead of "showing" it to you.
Julie and I will be back some day. Lipkin tours will be our ONLY consideration when we do!"

Ms. L. Bond

"Thanks Aaron, for the most remarkable trip from the American heartland to the Israeli heartland. It was the best and I would love to return for more teaching and hiking to new places. You're the best!"

Ms. D. Metcalf

"Just a note to say thank you for putting together the awesome tour around your beautiful country. The tour guides were wonderful, I loved them all; Mickey, Moshe and Tom. Obviously, extremely knowledgeable and learned in biblical and state events. I trust all I heard was accurate, and they were careful to say when something was supposed or even if they were unsure. So many facts, it will take me awhile to go through my pictures and notes and let it all sink in. (and maybe another 20 trips.) I know we did a lot, but it was fun and we were up to it. I loved our group, I think our tourmates are wonderful, I love them all".

Pastor Chris Mann

"After my recent trip to Israel I want to declare it was by far the most rewarding of all the times I've been in the Land. I was given insight into Scripture that satisfied a deep desire to understand in a greater way. The Land of Covenant is marked with God's fingerprints of love and compassion for the people who bear the name Israel. I have never been more inspired to read and teach Scripture than I am right now. It is clear to me that Lipkin tours, their guides, their care and passion for the Land and attention to detail is how God was able to impart so many wonderful truths into my spirit. From Mt. Gerazim to the Mt of Olives, I left impressed that the God of Israel has worked and is still working through His servants, His chosen and the blessed seed of Abraham to bless all the nations of the earth. I am forever grateful to Aaron, Avi and their team for blessing me with a view of the land of Israel that opened my heart wider to the God who keeps His covenant with her! How lovely are your tents O Israel!"

Pastor Blain Flack

"As one that has lead a tour using Lipkin Tours I would say that the service is above excellent! Lipkin Tours is pioneering a vision that I personally believe will change the future of how tours will be done in Israel! I greatly respect Aaron and his staff for the courage and faith to obey God and develop this new touring concept! For me, there was an overwhelming feeling of being a part of and witnessing the miraculous. You will experience the personal touch. You will meet the people of Israel and realize they are just like you, hard working fathers, mothers, students, farmers and innovators. God has given them a mandate to transform the land and make the waste places blossom! You will feel their passion and commitment. You will return home inspired to live the same! I encourage all and anyone that has a desire to go and visit to make every effort to do so. Think of if as an investment or simply obedience to God. I love Israel! I love Aaron and His family and I know that they are in the center of God's will providing these services to us! My wish is that everyone will experience what I did!"

Pastor Keith Manley - Grace Family Church, Illinois

"The guide Yishay was my all-time favorite as was Moshe the driver.
They both worked great with me and always deferred to me for any
changes or additions. The trip to your fathers house was an awesome
time and the group thoroughly enjoyed it. I might add the evening tour
you gave us on Saturday evening was a big hit as well.

The big hit of the trip for me, was the addition of Samaria to the itinerary.
Although I was so anxious to see Joshua's alter and Hebron, Mt. Kabir was
simply amazing and one day I will get a chance to return to Hebron when
things become more peaceful.

In all my many trips to the HolyLand this was my all time favorite, and it was
made possible by you and your wife. My deepest thanks for everything you
did to make this trip a huge success."

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