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2020 has been an interesting year to say the least.

Tourism to Israel stopped and Israel along with the rest of the world went into lock down.

But we have good news about tourism renewing very soon.



Many of our passengers are asking us: "When can we visit Israel?"
For many months, we did not know what to say. A global pandemic is not something that happens often.

But, thanks to months of gained experience in dealing with COVID-19 along with a high vaccination rate in Israel, we feel safe to give our passengers some answers.
Israel is vaccinating fast and will most likely be the first country in the world to reach 100% immunity.

This will allow Israel to open tourism in April 2021. At first to "Green Countries" and later to the whole world.

We believe it would be safe to say that Israel will be fully open by September of 2021.


What are the requirements for entering Israel?

At the moment, the main requirement is to come with a negative COVID test that was done up to 3 days before departure to Israel.
This has also become the requirement of the U.S. authorities to enter the States.


Will a vaccine be a requirement?

We believe that for 2021, Israel will NOT require tourists to be vaccinated to enter Israel. The reason is that the vaccine is still not available enough to vaccinate all of humanity.
As time goes by, things will clear up.




We are aware that so many people dream of visiting Israel and we hope that we will all overcome the difficulties ahead and return to the Biblical sites we love so much.


-- Aaron Lipkin --


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