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Feast of The Trees (Tu Bishvat)


The Almond tree is blossoming in Israel and this is a sign that the FEAST OF THE TREES is upon us.

The local tradition is to eat Israeli fruits and plant trees during this day. Where did this feast originate from?

How can you join the celebration?


The Almond tree is blooming in Israel and this is the sign for the upcoming "Feast of The Trees"  which will take place on January 28 (the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Shvat Also known as "Too Bishvat" in Hebrew)

This ancient feast was not commanded by God but was celebrated as an agricultural feast marking the beginning of the the new fruits of the new year.

In Israel, we celebrate this feast by eating (of course..) fruits of the land of Israel but most importantly, WE PLANT TREES!! 

Join us for a tree planting celebration and visit to dedicate a tree or trees to friends on this  special occasion.

Happy Tu Bish'Vat to everyone! 

--Aaron Lipkin--


Plant a tree with Lipkin Tours and the Heartland Institute

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