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Lecture Series: The Bible is True!

About the lecturer:


Aaron Lipkin, an orthodox Jew, was born and raised in Jerusalem. 

He now lives in the town of Ofra, Samaria, together with his wife Esther and their 5 wonderful children.

Aaron is part of the Manasseh Hill Country Survey team and lectures about biblical archeology in Samaria.



His lecture topics include:

  • Beth El and Shiloh – Following God’s Presence
  • Discovering Joshua’s Altar
  • Gilgal: The Mysterious Israelite Footprint Structures
  • The House of David - Disproving the disapprovers
  • Jewish – Arab relations in Judea and Samaria – the truth behind the news

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Aaron created a series of bible teachings that combine the archeological discoveries of Professor Adam Zertal, the geography of Israel and state of the art drone videos.


These set out to prove the veracity of the bible and place emphasis on the redemptive time that we are now in.

Aaron is also the spokesperson of his town, Ofra,  and is involved in interfaith dialogue between Jews and Christians.

Aaron founded and manages Lipkin Tours, a tour agency that brings thousands of bible believers to Israel and in particular to Judea and Samaria, Israel’s biblical heartland.


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