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The Nations’ 9th of Av Virtual Conference and Tour - 2020

Tuesday July 28 through Thursday August 6. 2020

The Nations’ 9th of Av team will be facilitating a VIRTUAL tour of the land of Israel and Jerusalem for July 28 through August 7.

Join the “Nations 9th of Av” for a Special VIRTUAL TOUR of the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, as we join together to “Embrace the Past to Transform the Future of Christian-Jewish relations”. You will never be the same! 

Don’t miss this special event scheduled for July 28 through August 7.

Special Guest Speakers:

The Virtual Tour will include:

  • Temple Mount walk with Yehuda Glick
  • A message from 4 couples: The meaning and significance of Shabbat (Gidon & Devra Ariel, Aaron & Eti Lipkin, Rabbi Chaim & Raye Eisen, Rabbi Elan & Dr. Rivkah Adler)
  • A virtual "Gala Awards Dinner" as we celebrate the grace and mercy of our God and the fellowship we share in Him!
  • Jerusalem walk with Rabbi Chaim Eisen
  • Elon Moreh with Tommy Waller
  • Hebron with Yishai Fleisher
  • Shiloh with Aaron Lipkin
  • Arugot Farm / Judean Hills with Ari & Jeremy
  • Mount Gerizim with Hayovel & Zac Waller
  • Gush Etzion, Negohot, Itamar, Kochav HaShachar, Joshua’s Altar, Gilgal and many more visits with friends and families.
  • Virtual Tour of Hayovel base with Zac Waller


This event will gather Christians together to repent for atrocities committed by Christians against Jews throughout history.  As Christians, we will be fasting, praying, and seeking the Lord alongside the Jewish community on the 9th of Av. We will begin with a Live Stream event with Rabbi Chaim Eisen from the Promenade overlooking Jerusalem on the evening of July 29th and ending with Rabbi Tuly Weisz sharing with us after sunset on July 30th.

This will be followed up with VIRTUAL tours into biblical Judea and Samaria. Our desire is to create an environment for Christians to build relationships with Jews, so that walls from the centuries can come down and  bridges of friendship and fellowship can be built. In doing this, we will “embrace the past to transform the future of Christian-Jewish relationships”.  Don’t miss this life changing trip!

PLEASE NOTE:  The Nations’ 9th of Av is not about the evangelizing of Jews.  The vision God put forth in Zech 8:23 is not about resolving differences in beliefs, but about finding productive ways to “walk together”.

CLICK HERE to WATCH a SHORT VIDEO about this VIRTUAL Event and Tour! 

Please note: Your registration fee will go towards blessing our Jewish friends and partners in Israel. 

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The Nations’ 9th of Av Conference 2020

The Nations’ 9th of Av Conference 2020

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